Bar Rentals

Liquid Solutions provides the following bar equipment for rent:

Portable Bar Setup


(1) portable bar

(2) 6' foot side tables
(1) blender

(4) frozen drink mixes

(1) set of bar utensils

(4) juice bottles

(1) napkin/straw holder

(1) salt/sugar rimmer

(4) beer and soda containers (for up to 20 beer bottles each)

(2) bar serving mats.

Rental fee per event: $120

Rental fee for 2 days: $75

Jockey Box


(1) complete 2 tap keg system for 2 kegs.The system works on the principles that a keg can be sitting at 70º F, and when the beer passes through the coil located in the cooler box its temperature will drop to the ideal dispensing temperature of 38º F. The CO ² tank is used to pressurize the keg for dispensing allowing it to be setup anywhere.